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Weight Loss

The truth about new year resolutions

Normally I write a positive and supportive blog for the New Year, to encourage readers as they embark on their healthy eating, exercise and/or weight loss regimes. This year I’ve got something a little different – a list of home truths about health-related New Year Resolutions. Not because I want you to doubt your chances of success in 2016 but because there are a number of very common pitfalls, and …Read More

Let’s hear it for the sprout!

In the run up to Christmas it’s easy to get panicked by the calorific challenge of the season.  December can seem like a non-stop test of willpower – you’re hoping to fit into that fabulous outfit at New Year but you’re being offered food treats wherever you turn, and opportunities to drink alcohol increase exponentially as invitations to meet up for drinks and attend office parties pile up. But Christmas …Read More

About to succumb to temptation?

I’ve had a few conversations with people recently about that moment when temptation strikes and you feel your willpower and focus are about to abandon you. The people who had given in and overindulged all reported that after a very short period of enjoyment they felt guilty, they struggled to get back to healthy food and then concluded that they hadn’t really enjoyed the “treat” much anyway. So with Christmas not too …Read More

Learn to love the gym

Recently I’ve had a number of conversations with people who say they’d love to get fit but feel intimidated by gyms. I wrote a blog earlier this year about how you can get fit without a gym membership (read it here), but if you’d actually prefer to exercise in a space designed for exercise, here are some tips on making your first few gym visits less daunting: 1. Check out …Read More

Spicing things up

I was recently asked to try out some new spices by Bulk Powders.  They’d seen my post about how healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and suggested that one way to make healthy food more interesting is to add some spice. Now although I like home-cooked food, I am a very lazy cook, and I’m put off by any recipe with more than about 4 ingredients, so the idea of …Read More

Is your office causing you to gain weight?

If you spend five days a week in an office environment chances are you struggle to eat healthily there.  Outside of the workplace, you can shop for healthy food, prepare healthy food, and control the food you have around.  But in the office, where full time workers spend 35 or more hours per week, it’s often not so easy.  Vending machines full of sugary snacks, plates of biscuits in meetings, …Read More

Why a lifestyle change isn’t as difficult as it sounds

I blogged about this some time ago, but I’m revisiting it now because I am still saddened by the number of people opting for quick-fix (read “temporary fix”) diet plans rather than longer term changes which deliver permanent results, who then find themselves stuck in a depressing and damaging cycle of yo-yo dieting. I accept that if you choose to embark on a quick-fix plan, and manage to stick with …Read More

Give yourself the best chance of success

If you’re about to embark on a diet or healthy eating plan, but worry that you won’t stick with it, here’s how to give yourself the best possible chance of success: Reduce the need for willpower You only need willpower when there’s something to resist. If you can’t resist certain foods, avoid having them around you. Have only healthy food in the house and if you’re eating out order only what …Read More

Can’t lose weight? Three things you might be doing wrong

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might think the answer is simply to eat less and move more: the whole calories-in-calories-out method. But in fact weight loss, and particularly lasting weight loss, is far more complicated than that. Moreover, if you make yourself hungry by reducing the amount you eat, and then stimulate your appetite further by exercising, you’ll find yourself in a constant state of semi-starvation – which …Read More