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Yes you can learn to love exercise!

We all know that exercise is good for us.  We join gyms, start running, buy home workout DVDs, sign up for boot camps, all in the quest for a fitter, slimmer, more toned body and improved health.  But after a few weeks our interest wanes, we skip a session or two, life gets in the way and there then comes that week when we don’t go at all.  After a …Read More

Why you don’t need as much willpower as you think

So you’ve decided to start eating healthily and exercising.  You want to lose a few pounds, tone up, have more energy and feel better about yourself.  And this time it will be different…. if only you can maintain enough willpower to stick with it.  Sound familiar?  And if your willpower wanes you’ll start beating yourself up for giving in to temptation and then give up…. again.  Does this also sound …Read More

How to avoid holiday weight gain

I wasn’t sure about writing this blog, as I’m worried about coming across as smug. But on balance I’ve decided my story could be helpful if you struggle with holiday weight gain, so here goes…..I have just been on a week’s holiday and I haven’t put on any weight.  (See, told you it would come across as smug – but please bear with me). I’ve always had mixed feelings about …Read More

Stick with it!

So January is almost over.  You’ve had four weeks to stick with your New Year Resolutions.  How are you doing? If you’re struggling, remember that a few slips do not equal total failure.  If you’ve had a couple of unhealthy meals they’re not going to undo all of the other healthy eating you’ve done, and if you’ve missed a workout or two, there’s always next week to get yourself back …Read More

On being an athlete (not!)

Someone approached me in the gym the other day and asked if I was an athlete.  I laughed out loud.  He couldn’t have been further from the truth. At school, I used to bunk off sports lessons at every opportunity.  I hated sport, because I was rubbish at it.  I was completely uncoordinated and had no spatial awareness whatsoever.  So I was always the last to be picked for teams, …Read More

Why it’s not all about willpower

When people embark on a plan to get fit and healthy or to lose weight there’s often a lot of talk about willpower – if they can just summon up enough willpower they can succeed this time around.  However, when I ask why things have gone awry in the past, those same people often go on to say that it was their willpower that failed them. Willpower is great when you’ve got it …Read More

7 things that will stop your progress in its tracks

I’m really pleased to be featuring a guest blog from Jeremy Boyd, master personal trainer, nutritionist and fat loss expert.  Jeremy’s motivational approach and detailed knowledge of all things health and fitness related deliver fantastic results for his clients, and he’s very well placed to advise on the most common ways people sabotage their own health goals….. So by now, most people’s new year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside and whatever …Read More

You can’t exercise away a bad diet

A long time ago, I believed I could undo overindulgence by exercising it away.  Too many biscuits?  Fix it with an extra hour on the treadmill.  Too much wine?  Do a step class. But it didn’t actually work.  And what’s more by believing it I was permitting myself to stick with the poor diet – too much sugar, alcohol and the wrong type of fats, too little protein and fibre. …Read More

I’ve been rumbled!

Generally I like to exercise on my own and inside, where it’s nice and warm and dry.  But in the interests of trying something new and in getting my partner to do a workout with me I signed us up for a session at Rumble in the Park, an outdoor boot camp style workout in Richmond’s Old Deer Park. When the time came I was relieved it wasn’t raining, in …Read More

Hot Yoga

From time to time I like to try a new form of exercise – this month it’s Bikram Yoga. I knew it was going to be hot, and when they gave me a 2 litre bottle of water on arrival I should have known I was going to sweat – a lot!  The heat is the sort of heat that if you were sitting on a beach on holiday would …Read More