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Give yourself the best chance of success

If you’re about to embark on a diet or healthy eating plan, but worry that you won’t stick with it, here’s how to give yourself the best possible chance of success: Reduce the need for willpower You only need willpower when there’s something to resist. If you can’t resist certain foods, avoid having them around you. Have only healthy food in the house and if you’re eating out order only what …Read More

What to do if you can’t afford to join a gym

The first thing most people do when they decide to get fit is visit their local gym. Joining a gym is seen as the first step to better health, a commitment to regular exercise. But if you can’t afford the membership fees, what can you do? There are plenty of other routes to fitness which don’t involve membership fees – just stepping outside of your front door for a walk …Read More

Can’t lose weight? Three things you might be doing wrong

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might think the answer is simply to eat less and move more: the whole calories-in-calories-out method. But in fact weight loss, and particularly lasting weight loss, is far more complicated than that. Moreover, if you make yourself hungry by reducing the amount you eat, and then stimulate your appetite further by exercising, you’ll find yourself in a constant state of semi-starvation – which …Read More

So your new year resolution failed – now what?

January is over.  You’ve had over a month to work on that New Year Resolution.  How’s it been going?  If you’re like over 90% of the population, probably not as well as you’d hoped.  Under one in ten people make a permanent success of their resolutions, so if you’re still on track well done, but if you’re not at least comfort yourself that you’re part of a big majority! But if …Read More

How to make successful resolutions

Planning a fresh start in 2015?  Are you going to eat more healthily, exercise regularly or lose weight? Statistics vary, but most estimates put the success rate for New Year Resolutions at around 10%.  That’s a depressing 9 in 10 chance of failure. So how can you make sure you’re one of the successful 10% this year? Set specific targets If you don’t define exactly what you want, how will …Read More

Why dieting doesn’t work (and what to do about that)

What do most people do when they want to lose weight? They go on a diet. And for the vast majority, it won’t be the first diet they’ve been on. They’ve probably already tried the 5:2 diet, Weight Watchers, low fat, calorie counted, Atkins, South Beach, Slimming World, juice fasts, Lighter Life, Slimfast, Dukan, or The Zone, etc, etc, etc…. And the reason they are planning to start another diet? …Read More

Does your Christmas come too early?

It’s December 1st tomorrow. But Christmas started ages ago. At the beginning of November coffee shops started using their Christmas cups, mince pies went on sale, sandwich shops started putting cranberry sauce in their sandwiches and Christmas trees started appearing. I saw my first set of carol singers in mid-November. And now, before December has even started, every shop I walk into is decorated for Christmas. My first Christmas get-together …Read More

Yes you can learn to love exercise!

We all know that exercise is good for us.  We join gyms, start running, buy home workout DVDs, sign up for boot camps, all in the quest for a fitter, slimmer, more toned body and improved health.  But after a few weeks our interest wanes, we skip a session or two, life gets in the way and there then comes that week when we don’t go at all.  After a …Read More

Why getting older doesn’t have to mean weight gain

We all tend to believe that weight gain is inevitable as we get older, but it’s not necessarily about age.  By the time women hit their 40s and 50s many of them have had a lifetime of on-off exercising and yo-yo dieting, which over the years will have damaged their metabolism and made it harder for the same exercise and diets to yield results.  So yes, they are gaining weight, but that’s because …Read More

Want to lose weight? Why paying for a diet plan may not be the answer

If you’re serious about losing weight you may be considering paying a nutritionist or fitness expert for a personalised diet plan.  Now just to be clear, I have bags of respect for what nutritionists do and I’m not about to say that their plans aren’t valuable if you’re unclear on what are and what aren’t healthy food options. But generally, if you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a while, …Read More