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New year resolutions – here’s what you shouldn’t be doing!

It’s the 29th December and I have already seen numerous emails and posts about the best diets for 2017, how to stay motivated and which workouts to do. Our minds are turning towards 2017 and what we want to achieve. But if you’re planning to lose weight and/or get fit in 2017, it’s important that you avoid some very common new year resolution pitfalls.  If you do you stand a much …Read More

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

If you want to lose weight you have to make changes to the way you eat. An obvious point, but while there are all sorts of changes you could make, some will be more effective than others. Generally, eating a bit less is the best change you can make. You might cut out unnecessary snacking, reduce portion sizes or reduce your reliance on processed, calorie-dense foods. Recently though I’ve found …Read More

Why it’s OK to step on the scales!

I’m getting really tired of hearing the advice that if you’re trying to lose weight you should throw away your scales – you shouldn’t be a slave to a number, it’s the “sad step”, go by what you can see in the mirror, etc. Not only are you feeling fed up because you’re dieting, but you’re now expected to feel bad about wanting to monitor your weight loss too! The …Read More

Just make a start

I blogged last month about how the multitude of different diet books on the market can cause confusion about what we should be eating, and what to do about that, particularly if you want to lose weight (you can read that blog here). Since then I’ve been continuing to think about this overload of diet advice, and about how it actually hampers our attempts to improve our diets. And I …Read More

Why all diet plans are more similar than you think

There are so many diet books on the market it’s not surprising that people get confused about what they should eat. Clean eating, the Zone diet, low carb, the Dukan diet, low fat, high fibre, paleo, eating for your blood type, intermittent fasting, the Mediterranean diet, the Sirt diet, etc, etc, etc. If you bought only a handful of those books and tried to make sense of their recommendations your …Read More

How to change your habits

We all know that if we want to lead a healthier lifestyle – get fitter, have more energy or achieve lasting weight loss – we have to make changes to our behaviours and food choices. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know that I don’t believe in a big bang approach when it comes to change. Instead I believe in a gradual process of making small manageable …Read More

Are you abdicating responsibility for your own success?

I’ve written two books about the excuses people use to explain why they haven’t yet achieved what they’d really like to achieve. Whether it’s better health, weight loss, improved fitness or a better relationship with food, excuses are our way of letting ourselves off the hook. “I’m not up to it” “I’m too old” “I’ve never been good with….” “I tried it once before and it didn’t work” If used …Read More

Why discipline doesn’t really exist

I promised to write something about discipline this month. But I’m not going to write about discipline, or at least I am not going to write about how you can increase your discipline, or how you should apply discipline to force yourself to stick to your weight loss or get fit plans. Why? Because I don’t really believe in discipline. This quote from strength coach Charles Poliquin sums it up …Read More

Why I’m not giving up alcohol for January

Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know that I don’t believe healthy living has to be 100% perfect or “clean” (the current buzzword) and that I don’t believe you should put your life on hold to improve your health, lose weight or get fit. So I find the concept of Dryathon January really depressing.  31 days of depriving yourself of something you enjoy, for what?  To go …Read More

The truth about new year resolutions

Normally I write a positive and supportive blog for the New Year, to encourage readers as they embark on their healthy eating, exercise and/or weight loss regimes. This year I’ve got something a little different – a list of home truths about health-related New Year Resolutions. Not because I want you to doubt your chances of success in 2016 but because there are a number of very common pitfalls, and …Read More