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June 2015

Is your office causing you to gain weight?

If you spend five days a week in an office environment chances are you struggle to eat healthily there.  Outside of the workplace, you can shop for healthy food, prepare healthy food, and control the food you have around.  But in the office, where full time workers spend 35 or more hours per week, it’s often not so easy.  Vending machines full of sugary snacks, plates of biscuits in meetings, …Read More

Random thoughts on getting fit

After reading some random thoughts on working in the fitness industry by Jeremy Boyd (http://jeremyboyd.co.uk/random-truths/)​, I was inspired to record my own random thoughts on getting fit: 1. You can get really fit in less time than you think – if you know what to do. If you don’t know what to do you can spend all your time in the gym and never see results (speaking as someone who …Read More