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November 2014

Does your Christmas come too early?

It’s December 1st tomorrow. But Christmas started ages ago. At the beginning of November coffee shops started using their Christmas cups, mince pies went on sale, sandwich shops started putting cranberry sauce in their sandwiches and Christmas trees started appearing. I saw my first set of carol singers in mid-November. And now, before December has even started, every shop I walk into is decorated for Christmas. My first Christmas get-together …Read More

Yes you can learn to love exercise!

We all know that exercise is good for us.  We join gyms, start running, buy home workout DVDs, sign up for boot camps, all in the quest for a fitter, slimmer, more toned body and improved health.  But after a few weeks our interest wanes, we skip a session or two, life gets in the way and there then comes that week when we don’t go at all.  After a …Read More