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June 2014

Why you don’t need as much willpower as you think

So you’ve decided to start eating healthily and exercising.  You want to lose a few pounds, tone up, have more energy and feel better about yourself.  And this time it will be different…. if only you can maintain enough willpower to stick with it.  Sound familiar?  And if your willpower wanes you’ll start beating yourself up for giving in to temptation and then give up…. again.  Does this also sound …Read More

How to avoid holiday weight gain

I wasn’t sure about writing this blog, as I’m worried about coming across as smug. But on balance I’ve decided my story could be helpful if you struggle with holiday weight gain, so here goes…..I have just been on a week’s holiday and I haven’t put on any weight.  (See, told you it would come across as smug – but please bear with me). I’ve always had mixed feelings about …Read More