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March 2014

Step away from the leftovers!

Like most people, I was brought up to clear my plate.  I was taught that it was wasteful and ungrateful to leave food.  And after years of being programmed in that way, many adults find that they go into plate-clearing autopilot mode at mealtimes, without ever stopping to consider whether they have actually had enough.  Coupled with a general trend towards bigger portions, at home and when eating out, our …Read More

Can’t cook won’t cook?

Do you use the fact that you can’t cook as an excuse not to eat healthily?  And think that because you can’t cook your only options are takeaways and processed ready meals? Nobody is born knowing how to cook, and even great cooks have had to learn and practice their skills.  But you don’t need to be a great cook to prepare healthy food.  Remember healthy food is all about fresh, …Read More