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December 2013

Why you shouldn’t go back to the slimming club!

When people tell me they are considering joining a slimming club, they usually go on to say “….because it worked before”. One of the dieters I interviewed for my recent book “What’s Your Excuse For Not Eating Healthily?” told me she had signed up with the same slimming club between 8 and 10 times in her adult life.  She was always very successful during the first couple of months and often dropped several stone, but then she’d …Read More

How to make a successful new year resolution

Are you making resolutions for 2014? Improve your chances of sticking with them this year by following these guidelines: Define measurable and specific targets Want to get fitter?  How much fitter?  In three/six/twelve months’ time, what do you want to be able to do?  Run a marathon, or run in a 5k charity run?  Be selected for the local football team, or be fit enough to knock a ball around …Read More