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October 2013

New for 2013 – Christmas Survival Package

When you think about Christmas do you think about weight gain and guilt? And when you think about January do you think of tight waistbands, deprivation and dieting? Estimates vary but it’s generally believed that the average person puts on between 2 and 7lbs over the Christmas period. And then, as if January isn’t depressing enough (cold, dark, spent all your money on Christmas), you start the New Year with …Read More

My dry month

OK, I’m exaggerating, it’s not been quite a month, but I’ve just gone 28 days without a drop of alcohol. Why did I do this?  I’m not a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy wine, and I do drink twice a week.  And on some occasions I drink quite a lot in one sitting.  Although I wasn’t overly worried about my health, I did start wondering whether I would feel different …Read More