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January 2013

How to stick with your new year resolutions (part 2)

Following on from my last blog, here are a few more things to consider if you are still struggling with your resolutions. What are you giving up? I’m not talking about the obvious here, but about the side effects which you may not have anticipated, where aspects of your lifestyle which you enjoyed or have always taken for granted have to be sacrificed in order for you to reach your …Read More

How to stick with your new year resolutions (part 1)

If you read my last blog you’ll have resolutions which are specific and measurable, and you’ll have been doing lots of planning to stay on track. But now you are three weeks into a dark, cold and snowy January, how is it going? If you’re struggling, here are a few things to consider: One slip does not equal total failure Don’t let one slip up turn into the end of your …Read More