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December 2012

Top tips for successful new year resolutions

Have you made a resolution for 2013? Statistics vary, but it’s generally acknowledged that less than a quarter of people make their resolutions stick permanently. You can improve your chances this year by following these guidelines: Define a measurable and specific target Want to get fitter?  How much fitter?  In three/six/twelve months’ time, what do you want to be able to do?  Run a marathon, or run in a 5k …Read More

You can’t exercise away a bad diet

A long time ago, I believed I could undo overindulgence by exercising it away.  Too many biscuits?  Fix it with an extra hour on the treadmill.  Too much wine?  Do a step class. But it didn’t actually work.  And what’s more by believing it I was permitting myself to stick with the poor diet – too much sugar, alcohol and the wrong type of fats, too little protein and fibre. …Read More

Why Christmas can be good for you

In the run up to Christmas it’s easy to descend into an entirely negative mind set about the calorific challenge of the season.  December can seem like a non-stop test of willpower – you’re hoping to fit into that fabulous outfit at New Year but you’re being offered food treats wherever you turn, and opportunities to drink alcohol increase exponentially as invitations to meet up for drinks and attend office …Read More