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November 2012

Does your Christmas come too early?

In early November I walked into a Costa Coffee shop and was offered samples of their new Christmas menu – seven weeks before Christmas.  Our local café started selling mince pies in late November and a friend of mine attended an office Christmas lunch on December 4th. And that’s the problem with Christmas if you’re trying to eat healthily, lose weight or maintain the weight you’re at – it starts …Read More

What’s really causing your stress?

If you’ve been stressed for a while you may have already tried the usual stress management techniques – better time management, deep breathing, learning to say no, etc. And if those techniques haven’t helped?  It might be because poor time management, poor breathing and always saying yes to people are not the causes of your stress.  It might be because the stress is your reaction to the actions of others. …Read More

Guilt free cookies

Yes really!  I’ve developed this recipe to produce cookies which are sweet and satisfying, which look like ”normal” cakes and which are packed with healthful nutrients.  They are low in sugar but high in healthful fats and protein. Here’s how to make them: Smash up a 35g bar of dark 70% cocoa chocolate to make the chocolate chips (the easiest way to do this is to use the end of a rolling pin while the chocolate is still in …Read More

Plan, plan, plan

There is a definite theme running through the successes achieved by my clients – planning. When you’re working on improving your diet or increasing the amount of exercise in your life you need to plan ahead to ensure that you have the resources available to enable you to stick to your plans.  Those resources can be a kitchen full of fresh fruit and vegetables, a batch of quick but healthy recipes, clean gym kit, a ready reply for the …Read More

I’ve been rumbled!

Generally I like to exercise on my own and inside, where it’s nice and warm and dry.  But in the interests of trying something new and in getting my partner to do a workout with me I signed us up for a session at Rumble in the Park, an outdoor boot camp style workout in Richmond’s Old Deer Park. When the time came I was relieved it wasn’t raining, in …Read More

Guilt free truffles

These are even easier than my cookies! You’ll need: – 70g of cashew butter – One scoop of low-carb chocolate protein powder (I recommend USN Pure Protein) Combine the two ingredients together (I use a dessert spoon to “press” the powder into the butter) and divide into about ten pieces. Roll each piece into a ball between the palms of your hands and roll the balls in any of the following …Read More

Make your goal a smart one

So there’s something you want to achieve.  Can you pin it down, in writing, and make it SMART? Smart means: SPECIFIC – if you can’t describe it, in detail, how will you know when you’ve achieved it? MEASURABLE – if you can’t measure your achievement, again, how will you know when you get there? ACHIEVABLE – your goal needs to be possible, with the time and resources you have available.  Except this …Read More